Leah Remini: I’ll Never Let Him Down

Leah Reminis has already made headlines for her controversial appearance at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but she may soon find herself with more notoriety after a clothing line she launched with Joel Faith will be sold by her.

The line, which was inspired by Leah Remis’ time on a cult, will feature her wearing a dress that’s inspired by a photo of a woman who looks to be wearing a traditional Japanese dress, the Inquisitr reports.

A spokesperson for Leah Remininis told The Huffington Post, “Lyrically, she is an iconic figure, but the way she looks and acts on the screen, I felt like she was really important.”

In the first clip of the line, Leah can be seen in a traditional dress with the caption, “A dream came true for me and I got to dress up like a real Japanese lady.”

The line is set to release a new video series every month on her show, which will feature “the next great Leah Remi,” according to the spokesperson.

“Every video is about the next big Leah Remo, the next great woman.”

“It was very exciting and challenging,” Leah told The Inquisitry.

“It was a lot of fun, but it was also very challenging, because I didn’t know what to do with the clothes, and it was difficult for me to make them.”

The spokesperson did not reveal the price for the collection, but did say that “we have a lot more to announce.”

The spokesperson did say the “next great Leah” will be featured in a video in March.

For more from Leah Remins story, be sure to read our interview with the actress.

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