How to get ready for the fall season: The fall in faith

There is no better time to wear the robes of faith.

It is time to be comfortable in our faith, and get into our spirituality.

If you have the right clothing, you can be a Christian this season.

A few key rules to follow for the season: Wear the clothes that reflect your faith, not just the clothes you wear.

This means your hat, shirt, pants and shoes must be comfortable.

Wear the same clothing as you would if you were wearing the robes.

If they’re too big, or if the garment doesn’t fit, you’ll need to get an alternate size.

Don’t wear clothes with words or symbols.

It’s OK to wear black clothing to be a Muslim, but not wearing a hijab or kippah, or wearing a headscarf, or any other religious head covering is not appropriate.

If the garment looks inappropriate, get the appropriate size and make a choice about whether to wear it.

Wear only a pair of clothes, not a whole wardrobe.

You can wear a whole outfit or wear only a few items.

When choosing a clothes size, look for a size that fits comfortably and does not get in the way of your body.

If it’s too big or too small, choose a size smaller.

Wear a head covering, and when appropriate wear a headcovering with a tie or scarf.

Wear your hair in a ponytail.

If your hair is longer than your head, wear a long hairstyle, and wear a hat that is a part of your hair style.

For men, wear long, loose, loose fitting, no braids, and no ponytails.

For women, wear short, loose-fitting, long hair, no ponytail, and loose fitting hats.

Wear earrings that are appropriate for your culture.

For example, for the Muslim man, a traditional headscarve.

For the Jewish man, wearing a yarmulke.

For Sikh men, a turbans.

For non-Muslims, wear head covering in a way that makes you feel safe, confident, and comfortable.

For those of us who are non-religious, wear religious head coverings when we wear clothes.

Wear clothes that are comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the occasion.

Wear comfortable, loose or loose fitting clothes, such as a t-shirt or jacket, and avoid sleeveless or loose-fitted clothing.

Wear gloves, scarves and earrings to cover the ears.

Wear loose, short-sleeved or long-sleeve shirts with a scarf around the neck.

Wear shoes that have a comfortable, snug fit, with a heel.

Wear low-cut jeans with a belt or clip for the legs and a slipper-style shoe for the feet.

If possible, wear an old pair of pants or a long skirt with no buttons or seams.

Wear high-waisted shirts with pants and jeans and long skirts with a skirt.

Wear long-length dresses with skirts and skirts with pants.

Wear tight-fitting pants, or a skirt that has no straps or any part of the dress that extends beyond the waistline.

Wear black or dark-coloured clothing, such that it’s not obvious what you’re wearing.

Wear light coloured clothing, or black and white.

Wear white shirts with black pants, black shoes or pants, and dark-colored pants.

If wearing a traditional turban, wear one with a face covering, but do not wear one that’s too long or too short.

Wear pants or boots that are low- or no-stretch.

Wear sneakers with socks or a black belt or a white belt, and a dark- coloured belt or white belt.

Wear dark-padded shoes or black- or dark coloured socks.

Wear skirts that are short and tight or with no lace or any kind of material on the top.

Wear bright colours.

Wear short- or medium-slim trousers or skirts.

Wear boots that fit snugly, and with no shoes, no heels, no belt or any piece of clothing that protrudes past the knee.

Wear no make-up or makeup.

Wear hair in pigtails, no hats, no earrings, no jewelry, and do not have long hair.

Wear jewelry that doesn’t have a specific symbol or pattern.

Wear an orange or black ribbon around your neck or around your wrists or in your hairline.

Do not wear scarves or a necklace.

Do dress modestly, but always dress modest.

Wear sturdy, well-fitting shoes and shoes that don’t slip or become uncomfortable with your feet.

Wear ankle socks.

Do wear loose, tight-fitted, and short- to medium-length pants or dresses.

Wear trousers with a knee belt, a skirt or pants that have no belt at the knee, and shoes with ankle straps.

Wear socks that don`t have an attached heel or have a very small toe. Wear

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