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The Christian community has been getting more popular in the United States and around the world over the past few years.

There are currently over 1.4 billion Christians in the world, making them one of the largest Christian denominations worldwide.

But for many people, there is a sense of longing to feel the warmth and the love of their faith.

The church is also gaining popularity in countries like India, China, Indonesia, Russia, and other countries.

Some of these countries are looking to capitalize on this trend and make a profit.

This year, India is expecting to be a net source of faith-based revenue for the church, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

According to the ministry, the country has a record number of Christians of 2.7 million.

India is also a major destination for American missionaries.

In 2014, the US has sent more than 300,000 missionaries to India.

This is a significant number considering India has a population of just over 6.4 million.

According the United Nations, there are roughly 7.2 billion people worldwide.

The number of Indian Christians is expected to grow to over 5.2 million people by 2050, according the government.

And the number of people who are converts to Christianity in India is growing every year.

A study conducted by the World Christian Database found that by 2020, India will have a population more than 9.4 times that of the United Kingdom.

A majority of Indian Christian converts have been Christian for at least 10 years.

Many of them are working to build churches, schools, and communities.

In India, the largest religion is Christianity, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of the country’s population.

But, India also has a growing number of Muslims, who are the second largest religious group in the country.

India also is experiencing a surge in the number and number of immigrants.

In 2015, the government recorded nearly 2 million new migrants to India, and the country had the largest number of new arrivals in the past decade.

The numbers have been on the rise for the past several years.

According a 2016 report from the United Nation’s Population Division, India’s total Muslim population is estimated to be more than 8 million.

Some churches and institutions are actively seeking to increase the number or the proportion of Muslim members in their congregation.

The National Missionary Association of India, which represents more than 40,000 missionary organizations, is encouraging their members to convert to Islam.

Some groups are also planning to organize religious holidays in an effort to boost the numbers of Muslims in their congregations.

The growth of Indian Muslims is also being felt in other parts of the world.

There is growing interest in converting to Christianity, according Togeres.

“The Indian Christian community is not only growing but also is becoming more visible in a number of countries.

We have seen more Muslims and Christians who are now actively engaged in their Christian faith,” he said.

“This is a positive trend for the future of the Christian faith.”

The rising popularity of Christianity is also helping to push back against religious discrimination and anti-Christian violence.

In 2012, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that a Muslim family was discriminated against when they were denied a divorce because they were Muslim.

The ruling also allowed for a Muslim man to be divorced because he was the father of a child.

There has also been a trend towards greater tolerance in the recent years.

In April 2017, the United Methodist Church of India became the first U.S. denomination to declare its support for the Indian government’s anti-discrimination legislation.

India’s religious minorities are also starting to come out in support of the new legislation.

In February, the Supreme Court struck down a law that had been passed in 2015 that had criminalized acts of sexual harassment in the name of religion.

The court said the law was “discriminatory” and was a violation of the rights of people of faith.

“There is no reason why we should have to hide behind laws and laws that have been passed by the government to address religious issues,” said Chirag Kumar, a prominent Hindu leader in New Delhi.

“These laws need to be changed to allow people to express their faith in a respectful and respectful manner.”

Many in the Hindu community are still concerned about the persecution of their communities in the wake of the ruling.

In November, the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, which includes a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, and Christian representative, was disbanded following the Supreme Supreme Court ruling.

The Hindu group said the disbanding of the commission was a move to “discourage” their activities.

“We are working towards the implementation of a National Religious Missionary Council, which will be headed by an independent, religious leader, and will be an important tool to build the trust of Hindus across the country,” said Pradeep Kumar, chairman of the Hindu National Missionaries Association, which is the main group in

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