Why the world is changing in one photo

Teayang, a small island off the east coast of the Philippines, is a beautiful place.

The beach is clean and it is a natural beauty spot.

But, this is not the case in this video.

Here are the top ten reasons why.


The people in this small island are not like us.

It has a unique culture and they have been living here for generations.


They do not have a culture of killing.

They live in harmony with nature and with their surroundings.


They have a strong sense of tradition and respect for traditional values.


They also respect the environment and their environment is respected.


They respect each other.

Teayangs people are united by a shared sense of honor and respect.

They love the ocean and it has been a place of joy and pride for the people here.

Teays people have been protecting their land and their land is protected by their own people.

The islands people are not afraid of outsiders and have built fences to keep out outsiders.


They are happy about their culture and history.

They pride themselves on their cultural heritage and the people in Teayanga have taken pride in that heritage.


Teoyang is not a tourist destination.

The islanders have been here for centuries and they are proud of their history and the way they have lived their lives.

They see themselves as the proud indigenous people and that is why they love Teayagas people and want to protect it. 8.

They know the world and they know what they are fighting for.

Teiyang people are passionate about protecting their heritage and fighting for their independence from the rest of the world.

They want their island back and want the rest the world to respect their rights.


They need the government to protect them.

Teayaang is a very small island and its difficult for the government in the Philippines to protect its people.

But the Teayangan people are strong and they need to be protected from the outside world.


They believe in themselves.

TeAYANG has a very strong sense and pride in its own culture and it can only be developed from within.

The Teayaga people believe that all of us are part of their land, and we need to respect it.

The best way to protect Teayatas land and rights is to support Teayigas people.

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