When football players dress differently

When a footballer wears a different colour to the rest of the squad for a match, what are they wearing?

The answer could make or break their performance.

According to a new report from the Football Italian website, the vast majority of Italian footballers wear different coloured shirts, jackets and shorts during the national team’s warm-up, the pre-match warm-ups and on the pitch.

The researchers asked 20 players to put on a range of clothing during the pregame warm–up and during the match, and found that 80 per cent of them were wearing a different shirt, jacket and/or shorts.

The researchers say that it is not the players choice to wear different colours to the team and that the majority of the players who wear a different outfit in Italy wear a similar colour shirt.

However, some of the player’s choices are controversial.

For example, a player wearing a red shirt in a match is probably not wearing a yellow shirt.

A team with different colours could have a different idea of how they are supposed to play.

If a player is wearing a green shirt, that is not necessarily a green player, according to the researchers.

According the study, the majority (71 per cent) of the Italian players do not wear different clothes during the warm-down and on their way back to the pitch, and most of them wear the same clothes for the match.

A different colour shirt, a different jacket and a different shorts are common during pre-game warm up and during matches, according the report.

The players who do wear different types of clothes in the match could be considered as wearing different styles of the same shirt, according, the researchers said.

In Italy, the players wore a wide variety of different clothing, according with the report, and not all of it was designed to make the players look better.

The players wearing different colours during pregame, the warm up, and matches were not all wearing the same type of shirt, jackets, shorts or socks, according.

The study found that the most popular colour was red, with the yellow and blue shirts being the most common.

The report added that some players wore the same clothing during matches as well, but they wore different colours depending on their team.

For example, the blue shirts worn by Lazio players during the Champions League match against Ajax in December 2013 were a different shade of red to the orange and white shirts worn in the warm ups for the next match against Juventus in March 2014.

The Italian team is currently preparing for the World Cup finals in Russia.

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