What to buy for the holidays

Jerusalem Post Staff – JERUSALEM (AP) It’s a holiday that is a mix of traditional Christmas festivities and modern pop music.

But for many Orthodox Jews, Christmas is also a time of prayer, thanks to a new, colorful and festive collection of clothes and accessories made in Jerusalem by Jewish fashion brand, Faith.

The collection includes more than 1,000 pieces made in the Jewish faith, from chukkas and scarves to hats and pajamas.

The collection includes new styles and new designs.

For the Orthodox holiday season, Faith is hoping to spark interest in a more modern, less traditional Christmas tradition.

The brand is trying to turn the festive season into something more festive.

In an effort to do that, the brand is selling its own merchandise and inviting people to purchase them online, through its website and through gift shops in Israel.

The items are made by hand in Jerusalem.

The products are not available for purchase in stores, but are available for sale on Faith’s website and on some gift shops.

The clothing is made in Israel, with many of the items made in collaboration with local artists and craftsmen.

The company’s goal is to encourage a more open and secular world.

“We want to encourage the world to embrace the diversity of all faiths and religions,” said Rabbi Michael Hovda, Faith’s CEO.

“This holiday season we want to make a statement that we are celebrating the diversity and beauty of our world, of Judaism and Christianity.”

In addition to the festive clothing, Faith also has accessories for women, including a lace skirt and an oversized sweater.

Some of the products are sold for around $20 each.

Faith says the holiday season is a time for people to get together, socialize and feel more comfortable.

In the past, it was very difficult to find affordable Christmas clothing.

Hovdas family is the only Orthodox Jewish family in Israel and so, he said, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He started with his own clothing and eventually found his own way to get the designs into stores.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well at Faith.

“The Christmas season is something that is very close to our heart,” Hovdalas said.

“It’s our Christmas.”

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