God is watching: Paloma Faith and her family prepare for Christmas

Paloma, a 5-year-old girl who is deaf and has cerebral palsy, has spent the last three years watching a few episodes of her favourite show, Gossip Girl.

The series, based on the Australian children’s books, is based on a popular TV show and features characters called The Mamas and the Papas, who work together to solve the world’s most difficult mysteries.

The family have been keeping busy for the past couple of months, making their way through Christmas shopping, which included a huge display of Christmas decorations.

The 10-year old has a very sensitive hearing and the ability to communicate with her mother, but she is not fluent in English.

She uses her special abilities to read her mother’s letters, which can take up to three days to respond to.

When her mum is feeling sick, Paloma reads the letters for her.

She is also fascinated by the Christmas tree and other Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas carol.

“I love the Christmas season,” she said.

“I love everything about it.”

She is an avid reader and reads the most recent issue of Gossip Girls magazine every week.

“She likes reading the latest issues,” said Paloma’s father, Vyas.

“If there’s anything to say about Christmas, I read it.

She does like reading it and she loves the letters.”

The family are also planning to get rid of the Christmas lights in their house.

They will replace them with LED lights and a new, more efficient lighting system.

The lights are expensive to replace but they can last for more than two years.

The new lights will cost around $200.

They were manufactured in Australia by LED bulbs, which are more efficient and produce less pollution.

Vyas said the family would be able to get around the expense by renting an extra room for Paloma and her mother.

The next step is to get the Christmas decorations ready.

Paloma will be attending her first school Christmas party on December 17.

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