What a strange world this is: The strange world of the cult of ‘the Lord Jesus Christ’

It’s a world where you can’t really wear a cross or even a Bible verse, and you can wear whatever you want, with or without a cross. 

It’s a place where there are no rules and no limits, where you have to believe and live according to whatever you believe.

But there is something else at work here, too. 

“It’s like cults,” one follower told The Hill.

“It’s just a way to have some type of power.”

In a nutshell, it’s a religion, but one that thrives on the isolation and secrecy that are central to the cults of Christianity.

It’s been described as a “religious cult” in a report released this month by the U.S. government.

The report, “Cult-like practices, beliefs and practices: The Christian Identity Movement in the United States,” notes that there are at least 30,000 such cults operating across the country.

They’re not all Christian, though, but instead have a strong connection to religion and spirituality.

A “cult” is a group of people with the same core beliefs, but in a different manner.

It can be a cult of personality or a cult with the intent of spreading its message and beliefs to others, according to the report.

The Christian Identity movement is a name for a group that claims to be followers of Jesus Christ and believes in the authority of the Bible.

It’s not a religious group, but the way they operate allows them to operate with minimal oversight, the report notes.

A Christian Identity follower would be expected to live in a very specific environment, including one where the focus is on the Bible, according the report, but some followers also live with their families, including those who have been raised Catholic.

There’s also a “cult mentality” and an “inherently negative” culture that is not conducive to learning, according a person familiar with the report who spoke on condition of anonymity.

These beliefs and actions lead to people living lives that are often abusive, in which they don’t respect their elders, the person said.

It leads to unhealthy relationships, which then have devastating effects on families.

The person said that many Christian Identity followers believe in a “secret society” and are often secretive about it.

They believe they’re doing God’s will, but when it comes time to do something, they’ll take credit for it, the source said.

The leader of one of these cults told The Associated Press in May that there were hundreds of people in its ranks.

The person did not have a precise count, but said about 3,000 were members.

The AP also obtained the report from an FBI agent who was investigating the church.

The FBI declined to comment on the report or provide any other details.

In an email to The Associated Statesman, a spokesperson for the FBI said the agency was not able to comment because of privacy laws.

The group has also had multiple arrests, the FBI wrote in a release.

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