How to dress up for Thanksgiving in 2017

“It was a great time to dress as Santa Claus and bring Christmas back to the city.”

— Jana Taylor, Santa Cruz, Calif.

“I wore all the outfits I normally would, but I just really wanted to try it out.”

— Kristin Stiles, Huntington Beach, Calif.(Courtesy Kristin) “I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, so I don’t really get too worked up about it.”

— Courtney Stiles Jr., Huntington Beach(Courtesy Courtney) “Christmas was a good time to see Santa.”

— Jasmine Johnson, Huntington Park, Calif(Courtesy Jasmine) “Santa is just the best.”

— Megan Burch, Los Angeles, CalifA few days later, Stiles had a friend invite her to visit Santa Claus.

“The first time I walked into his shop, he was just standing there and smiling and I just went, ‘Holy crap!

“He was so warm and friendly, and I’m like, ‘Thank you so much. “

Thank you so, so much.'””

He was so warm and friendly, and I’m like, ‘Thank you so much.

Thank you so, so much.'”

She was introduced to Stiles’ father and her sister, who both had children of their own.

Stiles also saw her brother, an elementary school teacher who was now working in Santa Cruz.

She knew he was a fan and had taken him to see the movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” which was a favorite of hers.

She was excited to meet her Santa.

“My dad had just seen it on TV, so he was really excited,” she said.

“We just went inside and he was super excited.

He was like, [I want to do this for you]!'”

When she finally walked inside, Stile’s Santa was more than happy to welcome her to Santa’s home.

He even had some presents.

The most memorable part of the day came when Stiles took her children to visit her grandmother.

“She had me pick up all the gifts for her, and we went over to the house and opened the door,” Stiles said.

She said she was very happy with her Santa and her Santa is so, very much in her heart.

“So much so that I just want to make sure that I’m not going to lose that.

And he’s definitely still there.”

The Santa is back!

And his presents are just as sweet!

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