‘Faith’ clothing sale sells out in Britain

A sale of religious clothing has sold out in England and Wales and it is being described as a “disturbing example” of the “sad, heartless, and unhelpful” attitude towards faith that is currently gripping the country.

A new campaign by Faith in America, which aims to promote religious expression, has raised more than £4m to help fund the clothing sale in the UK, which will take place on March 2.

“This is a shocking example of the ‘sad and heartless’ attitude towards religious faith that has been sweeping the nation in recent months,” Faith in USA’s chief executive, David Wills, told the BBC.

“These items are designed to be worn, worn for joy, worn with joy.

We are talking about clothes that are meant to symbolise what we are about.”

If you buy a prayer hood, you are wearing a prayer.

If you buy some sort of faith garment, you’re wearing a faith.

You’re wearing that because that’s how you feel, so you can make that a part of your identity.

“The clothing sale is being organised by Faith In America, an organisation founded by the late Rev Dr John Murray, a former minister who died in March.

The charity is campaigning for a ban on all forms of religious expression to be extended to all people.

It also supports the “reform of the secular state” which is a term used by many Christians to describe their faith and the government’s attempts to stamp out religion in public life.

The campaign has raised about £4.4m ($6.4 million) to date.

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