A group of women wearing the same outfit says they’re tired of having to change into new outfits after a religious holiday

Women have been taking to social media to protest the clothing changes at a number of Christian festivals this year.

On January 5, the women in the group, called Dear Friends, were photographed with the same black leather-clad outfit.

“This outfit is the most religious I have worn since my divorce,” one woman, known only as Rose, said.

“I can’t get away from it.

I can’t take it off.

It’s sacred.”

Another woman, named Sarah, was similarly incensed.

“We can’t be the ones to make it mandatory to change your clothing,” she said.

The group was set up by the Australian group Faithful to Love, which said it was inspired by the holiday season to promote awareness about religious clothing restrictions.

“The message of this is not just about religion, it’s about the oppression of women and girls, the subjugation of people of faith,” the group’s website said.

But the campaign has faced criticism from some of the women who have been wearing the outfit, who said they felt unsafe wearing the attire.

“You wear this outfit to get away, it is just so out of place for a holiday that is supposed to be about celebrating God’s love,” Sarah said.

It is not the first time the group has raised issues about religious dress.

Earlier this year, a group of female protesters wearing the black and white outfit walked the streets of Sydney, protesting the religious holiday.

They said they were fed up with the way men dressed and that religious festivals should not be associated with that kind of attire.

But they also said they hoped the campaign would inspire other women to wear the same attire.

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