How to wear clothes with faith

The story behind the story…

Faith is a word with a lot of meaning in the Muslim world.

For many Muslims, it is the source of all meaning, the most sacred source of meaning and the foundation of all knowledge.

As an example, the Quran says: We have sent down the Quran to you, in order that you may know it.

And when you recite it to others, they may also recite it.

The Quran is the first word of God and its purpose is to guide you and guide your people.

But it is not a word to be found in the Bible, which is also a book of God.

And so, this is where it comes to my attention that the Quran is not the source for faith.

In the Koran, faith is seen as a form of knowledge, which has nothing to do with the Quran.

This is because the Koran has two separate sections.

The first is the Quran which describes the nature of God, the second is the Hadith (sayings) which are the recorded account of Muhammad’s life.

The Hadith are written down by Muhammad himself, so it is very easy to find these traditions.

But the Quran also has other traditions that are recorded in the Quran that are not the Hadiths, such as those of the prophet himself, his wives and companions.

So, faith and knowledge are two different things.

It is therefore important that the Muslims keep in mind that their faith is a source of knowledge and that it is also the source and basis of all Islamic beliefs.

This makes sense as the Quran states: And if the believers are in doubt about something, they should ask a believing Muslim who has believed.

If the believing Muslim believes, then they know that this is what is said in the Holy Quran and if they do not believe, then it is for them to ask a Muslim of another faith to testify that they have been proven right.

So it is important to remember that the meaning of faith is not in the words in the Qur’an, but rather in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers.

So, the next time you are looking for a piece of clothing that has a Christian-inspired design, consider that the word faith is actually a Christian word, and faith is the same word that has been used in the Koran for a long time.

So the Christian word is not being used as a source for a faith that doesn’t exist in the West.

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