The Lad and the Lady

From the Gospel of Matthew comes a book full of love.

The Lad, the famous companion of Jesus, is a loveable, gentle, sweet, and kind person.

He’s been called a good companion, an angel of God, a man of love, and, according to the book, a lover of people of all kinds.

In the Gospel, the Lad has a kind and compassionate soul, and he has a great deal of love for the poor.

He is also known for his faithfulness and love of others.

The story of the Lad and Lady, however, is different from the story of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The two are separate, and the story is different, too.

The Gospel tells a story about the Lad being called a son of David, a prince who, in his day, was called a prince of Judah.

The book of Matthew tells a different story.

Matthew tells the story that the Lad is a companion of God’s love for people of every kind, from the least of these to the greatest.

Matthew has the Lad at his side.

Matthew’s Lad is named John the Baptist.

Matthew also gives us a good sense of what John meant to be, for he had two sons.

The first son, Matthew says, was a man named Barabbas.

The second son, who is also called Barabbes, is called Jesus Christ.

The word “barabbas” is the Hebrew word for a horse.

Barabbos is a name for the horse that John had.

The name John gave Barabbys son Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

Jesus Christ was a son who had faith in God.

The Christian Bible gives us some very specific instructions for how to be a good shepherd.

We must make sure we don’t leave any orphans or widows behind.

We have to protect and care for the widows and orphans, because they’re our children and are our hope.

We should never let the widowers and orphans run away from us.

We’re not to let anyone who has been oppressed by another person run away, either.

We are to do what we can to help these people, so that they may be saved and may have a place to live.

We don’t have to do everything ourselves, but we must work together with those who need our help.

We ought to look after the poor, but that means we must look after people who are less fortunate than we are, too, and we should look after those who are weak.

We may be called upon to help others, but God wants us to love those who we are closest to.

And we are called to help the weak, because that’s where God’s power and blessing resides.

And it’s not easy to do.

The gospel of Matthew is a good story about love, but it is not about Jesus.

The love of God and of Jesus was not the message that the gospel of John was about.

It was a story of how people should love God.

Matthew is not the same story about Jesus as Jesus was.

There are some similarities.

For example, both Matthew and the gospel tell of the love of Jesus.

Both books give us a glimpse of Jesus’ love for all kinds of people.

But in Matthew’s case, the message of love is more specific than the message in the Gospel.

Matthew gives us the full picture of the way Jesus loves.

Matthew paints a picture of love in the context of a community that’s been broken up by war, and it paints a vivid picture of a Jesus who is not ashamed of his love for those he cares about.

The picture is a picture that we can understand and relate to, and which we can love and be happy with.

The same picture is given in Matthew.

In Matthew, Jesus has a story to tell.

Matthew doesn’t tell us the story in the same way.

Matthew shows us Jesus’ story in a much more specific and clear way.

For Jesus to be able to tell the story he told in Matthew, he needed the full, unvarnished picture of God the Father’s love.

Matthew told us the true story of God with the full understanding of the people who would see it.

Matthew had this story to show us in a way that Jesus could understand.

Matthew was not afraid to tell a story that was difficult to understand.

And that’s what makes Matthew so different from Luke and John.

For Luke, the gospel is about the gospel.

Luke tells us what the story tells us about Jesus’ relationship to God.

Luke had a story, and a story told him, and Jesus was his master.

For John, the Gospel is about what happened to Jesus.

John had a big story to give.

John was a missionary, and John was going to spread the gospel, and God was looking out for him.

For Mark, the story was about what Mark had to tell about Jesus, so he could tell the

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