How to save on Christmas clothes – and how to get rid of them

Faith Emmerdale is a former beauty queen, a television presenter, a writer and an author.

Now, she is the founder of the Faith Emmersdale clothing line, which she founded after she lost her job as a beauty queen in 2011.

Emmerdal has been trying to sell her brand to new and existing customers for years, and her website has been flooded with offers.

Now she is turning to her own experience to sell the clothing line.

In the video above, Emmerdales’ husband, Paul, talks about how the clothes were made.

“I’ve made the clothes since I was a little girl and I’ve made it as long as I’ve been alive,” she says.

The clothes, which are available at the Emmerdelys website for $90 to $140 a piece, are made in Australia, China and the UK, but she says the fabrics used are Australian.

Emmerdals husband is also a former model, and has become her “spirit animal”, so the two work together to create the clothes, and share stories about their lives and work.

She says it was a big shock when her daughter told her the clothes would be coming to Australia.

“I just knew that we would never have that chance,” she said.

A new chapter begins The first Emmerdinas clothing line launched in the US in 2011, and the company has since grown into a global brand, selling everything from suits and dresses to t-shirts and boots.

Emmersden says it has been sold in more than 70 countries, and in 2015 sold a record 1.2 million pairs of clothes.

Emmersdale has been working with her daughter and her husband on the project for three years, but now they are ready to get the final touches in.

This year, Emmersdal will begin selling the new range in Australia.

At the end of February, the Australian Government is set to announce its next steps on Christmas.

Read more about Christmas in Australia and the world at ABC News.

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